Featuring Jen Larson, KPA-CTP & Clara Scott
Concept by Courtney Emken

Rainy and cold weather doesn’t have to stop you and your dog from having a TON of fun with these enrichment activities. During rainy weather, you can use these activities to work our dogs mentally. Dogs that get more enrichment and mental simulation will be much calmer and happier.


– Hi, I’m Jen and I’m the manager of the training department here at Dog Boys Dog Range, and this is Clara, one of our trainers.

– And we’re here to talk about rainy day enrichment for your dogs.

– So Clara, what are some of your favorite enrichment things to do with a pup on a rainy day?

– I really love playing the find a game with my dog. I hide treats, or kibble around the house, and I ask him to find it. And he kind of has to use his nose. It’s a great scent and search activity for dogs whenever it’s cold and rainy outside and they can’t get a lot of opportunities that way.

– Find is a really fun game to play with a dog, and I love how you brought up using their kibble, because meal times are a great opportunity for enrichment instead of just feeding out of a bowl, you could do something like scatter feed, where you’re sprinkling the kibble all over the rooms, so they’ve gotta hunt and search every little piece. That’s a great way to kind of enrich them mentally and through their senses. So Clara, what’s one way we can use enrichment to train positive behavior?

– We can play hide and seek with our pups. So we can hide in another room in the house, and then call them to us, so that practices recall, and it’s a really fun game for your dog.

– Another really fun enrichment activity you can do with your dog to build some positive behavior, is make a little confidence course. So that’s something like an obstacle course, so you can do it in your house or your backyard, with some different objects, and you can encourage your dog to step on to them, go over them, go through them. So you’re building some attention and focus, and you’re also building some confidence. Can you think of any other fun enrichment ideas?

– Yeah, chewing items are a really great way to enrich your pup on a rainy day. Things like frozen kongs, you can stuff them will kibble and peanut butter, and it takes your dog a long to work out all the food from there.

– So frozen items are lots of fun for dogs to work on, just to lick them out, and going to take some time working on those. And another really nice thing for dogs is a chewing item that might be a little bit harder. So they kind of work some of the tartar off their teeth as they’re chewing, so things like bones. We sell some great products here in our retail section at the lobby. We sell No-Hide, which are alternatives to raw hide bones, and we also sell some great products from Lucy’s Legacy, like duck heads and beef bones, and things like that.

– So during rainy weather, we can use these activities to work our dogs mentally inside when they’re not able to have as much time outdoors, but it’s a great just any type of weather too.

– So a dog that gets enough enrichment and mental simulation is gonna be much better behaved at home, calmer and happier.