Snake Avoidance Workshop: Who Should Attend?


MythicSeabass_Loki.jpgSnakes are everywhere in Texas – yes, even at DogBoy’s. From brushy areas to tall grass to piles of rocks and logs, snakes love to hide in cool, dark places. Their penchant for hiding makes them especially dangerous to adventurous dogs who enjoy exploring and sniffing about. So, what type of dog owners would benefit most from this seminar?

This workshop is right for you:

  • If you live by construction – snakes and other wild creatures tend to run to greener pastures when the dump trucks move in. If you live near construction, chances are you are at an increase risk for snakes and other critters. 
  • If you go hiking or to a park with your dog – snakes love creeks, trails, and other natural areas. They love to sunbathe in the middle of trails, where your dogs may stumble upon them ahead of you. 
  • If you live near a greenbelt or tall grass – snakes love the tall grasses, because it’s easier to hide there. Dogs will sniff their way to the snake, but not be prepared once they come upon them. 
  • If you live in a suburban area that is close to rural neighborhoods – Remember, rural = wildlife, less people = more critters.
  • If you play with your dog near a pond or lake, then water moccasins likely live close by. These are harder to spot than rattlesnakes, but can be just as deadly to your dog. 
  • If you like to go camping with your dog – let us help you be prepared in case you come across this cold blooded creature. 

If any of these apply, this seminar is right for you! DogBoy’s has partnered with Pamela Johnson, CPDT-KA, to offer snake-avoidance training using only positive, force-free methods!

Pamela Johnson, who is a full-time physical education teacher in California, is the owner of Pam’s Dog Academy in San Diego. She travels widely to present at seminars on snake avoidance, Canine Freestyle, and other subjects.

Pam will be at DogBoy’s on April 9th and 10th, 2016. Reservations are available both for those who wish to work their dogs and those who wish to simply audit and observe the training. Spots for working dogs are $200 for both days. Audit reservations are available for $150 for both days, or $95 for one day.

Clicker-training experience is highly encouraged to successfully participate with your dog in a working spot. If that’s not your skill set, sign up to audit the class!

Spots are limited, so call 512-251-7600 and make your reservation today! This is a unusual opportunity that you don’t want to miss if you spend any time at all with your dogs outdoors.




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