Featuring Courtney Emken & Bart Emken, CPDT-KA
Concept by Courtney Emken

DISCLAIMER: DogBoy’s is passionate about a lot of things, and what we feed our dogs is up there at the top. So please be aware that the pet foods listed to be the worst in this vlog are our personal opinions from over 20 years of working with dogs. And although we make a statement about how vets aren’t trained in behavior or nutrition, that doesn’t mean ALL veterinarians are ignorant in these matters. Heck, even my own doctor doesn’t give me advice about nutrition and he’s a gastroenterologist! Even since we’ve recorded this, we have learned more about how the way most every kibble is manufactured hinders your pup’s ability to digest the nutrients included, no matter how good they are. If you’re curious about the food you feed your doggo, head on over to the unbiased website Dog Food Advisor for a no-nonsense breakdown and rating of almost every food out there. And if you want to explore what’s beyond kibble and canned foods, talk to our friends at Lucie’s Legacy and Rogue Pet Feed – who are leading the way for dogs’ nutrition both in Central Texas and around the world!


– Tell ’em the five worst foods.

– Five worst dog foods?

– Yeah.

– There’s so many bad dog foods. How do we narrow it down to just five?

– Well let’s start with the big offenders.


Beneful, you see Beneful on TV and you see the colorful ads and the bouncy

– They look so pretty on the bag.

– fruit and meat it just…

– It’s got all those vegetables on the bag. It’s really bad.

– Not a great food. Back in the old days we used to… We’d watch dogs come in and judging on their hyperactivity or reactivity on leash, we would try to guess what kind of food the dog was eating.

– He could usually 90% guess what food that dog was on.


– And so Purina. Purina is not a very good dog food. They’re trying to get better, but still they use a lot of cheap fillers. Their number one ingredient is corn. It would be like if you ate Taco Bell everyday.

Pedigree & Alpo

– Pedigree was one of the early on dog foods. Pedigree and Alpo, foods like that, those were… From a long time ago, those were really popular with all the breeders and things like that. But those are really, really bad dog foods. Historically don’t have good ingredients. A lot of dog foods in general don’t have very good ingredients.

– Yeah, basically, they call them kennel rations and a lot of dog food is… The manufacturers will buy byproducts of other industries. So stuff that’d normally get thrown away. So when it says “poultry byproducts”, that could be anything. Any chicken, turkey, and it’s any part of the bird. So it could be feet and bones and…

– Beaks. And animal byproduct means any part of any animal.

– So it could be roadkill. They could be buying roadkill from the county.

– It sounds disgusting but you really wanna read the labels.

– Yep, read the labels. Educate yourself.

Kibbles ’n Bits

So one of the worst foods is one called Kibbles ‘n Bits. And some of our younger audience won’t remember Kibbles ‘n Bits, but it was basically a dog running around singing, “Kibbles ‘n bits, kibbles ‘n bits.” And if you look at the food, it looks like Play-Doh, smells like formaldehyde and it just has an acrid, just nasty smell. And I jokingly call it Kibble ‘n Sh*ts because it comes out the way it goes in. And there’s almost zero nutritional value and it’s… I just can’t say enough about how bad Kibbles ‘n Bits are for your dog.

Science Diet

– So probably the one that we hear about most often and I’ve always had a little bit of an issue with it is foods like Science Diet. Science Diet is typically sold at veterinary offices. And a lot of vets prescribe Science Diet. I understand that foods like that that are prescribed by vets are currently under a lot of scrutiny because in order for something to be a prescription, it should legally have medication in it. And those types of prescribed dog foods don’t actually have any medication in them. So it’s really hard for them to qualify as a prescription. But you can’t buy them without a vet’s written word.

– Right.

– Typically, those foods are high in corn and fillers and generally not very good for dogs at all. So there’s a lot to be said about foods that you buy from your vet. Vets aren’t even really… They’ll tell you themselves. They’re not really educated in nutrition or behavior. So don’t ask your vet about either of those things.

– And actually, the makers of Science Diet give a lot of money and spend a lot of money at veterinary colleges. So the vets are trained very early on with the Hill’s brothers and Science Diet and it really is shameless money making. They’re using inferior products and fear and the accreditation of a doctor’s prescription to make you think that you need it. There’s just better ways to medicate your dog.

– Yeah. Absolutely.

– With real food, whole food.