“What Foods Should I Feed My Dog?”– Hint: DON’T ask the vet


It’s Between You and Your Dog

Healthy Dinner For DogDeciding what to feed your dog is a very personal decision. At DogBoys, we see everything from people cooking every meal for their dog, to dogs that are on a raw food diet, or even dogs that eat some bottom of the barrel brand their whole life and nothing else.

Dogs like having variety in their diet. It’s better for their digestion and allergies. Twenty years ago, having variety in a dog’s diet was pretty tough. But, no more! Now, there is a wide selection of high quality foods for all different types of dog diets. You can find even find them occasionally at the grocery store, instead of a pet specialty shop.

If you want to know more about the dog food you’re buying, we recommend you check out dogfoodadvisor.com. They are completely unbiased in their reviews. You can look up almost every dog food that is commercially available, and find out how they rate it. When it’s less than a five star rating, they highlight the ingredients to be concerned about. For instance, if there’s an imbalance of protein and fat or if it’s just a low quality protein source, they will let you know.

We also have a diet sheet that we’re happy to give to you for just filling out your name and email. It tells you all about what human foods to avoid, which foods are good for your dog, and foods that we recommend for a healthy dog. We won’t spam you, we just send a short series of helpful emails to help you and your dog.


Your Vet is the Wrong Person to Ask

Contrary to what you might expect, your vet is not the person to talk to about dog food. Some vets are given sponsorships by large food companies like Science Diet, and in return they sell that product at their clinic or store. It’s easy to assume that since it’s for sale in a clinic that it’s a good food. Don’t be fooled. Do your own research. Some vets know a lot about good quality foods, but most don’t. They also get very little formal education related to nutrition or how it affects behavior.

Of course, we would never argue against a veterinary-prescribed food…even if it’s Science Diet (which we don’t love). However, if you’re just picking up their regular run-of-the-mill kibble sold at the clinic, you need to know that it’s full of corn and not good for dogs.

That would be like going to the doctor and asking them for dietary recommendations, and them saying: “Well, I can’t tell you what to eat, but my office has bags of Funyun’s if you want some.” Is that going to be good for your dog? No! But that might not stop some people from buying it, because they trust the doctor’s office to make good choices.


Corn and Grains Can Cause Misbehavior

Better Dog Diet Makes Dogs HappierAs much as I don’t want to call foods out here, there are some that you need to know to avoid. Beneful is one that surprises people. Their marketing is a top notch operation, I only wish I could say the same for their food. The packaging appeals to your health concerns with vegetables all over the cover, but it’s full of sugars and dyes. It’s like eating lucky charms… sprayed with bacon grease and filled with bone meal.

Dogs love Beneful and other low cost foods because they are full of fat and calories. Most people assume they are a good quality food, because they’ve marketed it that way. In reality, it contains animal byproducts, loads of filler ingredients, and low quality grains that wreck your dog’s health. This is like fast food for your dog, and we would advise against it.

In the early days at DogBoy’s, Bart could tell which dogs were on foods like Alpo, Science Diet, or Pedigree just based on how they acted. Most of them acted like hyperactive children, jumping around inside the car and going crazy. They have tons of excess energy, likely from the excess corn, that they just don’t know what to do with.

Usually that excess energy turns into bad behavior. Just like children who have A.D.H.D., diet is a huge factor in how a dog behaves. If want your dog to be less hyperactive, you might try feeding them better food in well-portioned quantities.

Some ingredients will cause behavior problems, and you have to watch out for them. I’ve mentioned this before but corn is a no-go for dog food. This is partly because it’s been over-fed to dogs for years. Just like how if humans eat too much of something, eventually our bodies become resistant to it. That’s why you see a lot of people with wheat allergies and gluten sensitivity these days.

Dogs have problems digesting corn, wheat, soy, sugars, and dyes. Luckily, there’s a lot of good grain free foods on the market today, and that’s what we use at DogBoy’s. I would especially recommend trying these to someone with a dog that has allergies. Sometimes your dog doesn’t need allergy shots, they just need a new diet plan.

Dogs can be so agitated by these ingredients that they’re more likely to:

  • chew things up
  • dig in the backyard
  • be more testy with strangers.

It’s hard to tell what the exact reason, or reasons, behind a dog’s misbehavior is. But, if you’re feeding your dog corn or wheat then you may want to try eliminating those first. You can remove them from their diet, and see if that’s what’s causing the problems. In the meantime, your dog will be healthier and happier anyway because it’s less harsh on their tummy!

If you have any further questions regarding your dog’s diet needs, please don’t hesitate to contact DogBoy’s today. We are always happy to help you in whatever way we can.


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