Some dogs absolutely love rain!Have you ever wondered what your dog is up to while they spend a rainy day at the Ranch?
Just like any other day, we focus on safety, health and fun for our client dogs.

While rainy days may put a damper (irresistible, that one) on things, they can open up a whole new world of fun. We often see that rain, much like cooler weather, brings out the playful side of dogs who otherwise seem content to stick to themselves.

There’s just nothing quite like a giant game of chase through the mud! Likewise, many senior-aged dogs get a spurt of youthfulness during a nice, cool downpour.

On the other hand, we have our storm-sensitive client dogs. For them, being at the ranch isn’t much different from anywhere else during a storm: It’s just plain scary. However, we have accommodations for these guys and gals such as:

Given the choice between being at home on a stormy day or at the Ranch… I bet they would just choose not to have a stormy day! But, if the Ranch is the place, we are happy to do everything possible to soothe them.

Just like every day on the Ranch, it’s up to the dogs as to what they do. There’s no reason to put a dog that absolutely loves the rain and mud inside a kennel. We’d love for to them seize their rare chance to play in the rain; it’s Texas after all!

The dogs that aren’t enjoying the weather make it obvious to the staff. Typically this comes is the form of:

  • Vocal beckoning from playgroup gates
  • Pawing at the fence or date
  • Jumping on the fencing

This makes it easy for us to spot the stressed out dogs. When we see the signs, we bring the dog in from the rain and make them as comfortable as we can. If any of the dogs are covered in muck and gunk, we hose them off before putting them in a kennel for rest as well.

When it comes to lightning in the area, we do not mess around. As soon as lightning is spotted or we hear reports of it, we run the dogs into the kennel as quickly and safely as possible. The Ranch is designed for fun and safety, but the trees, metal shelter roofs, and our big old pond are targets for lightning.

Bella Rose is one of our client dogs that loves the rain... and the mud. Once the lightning is gone though, it’s game on. The dogs that want to go back out are definitely allowed to do so, so long as we’re 100% positive the danger has passed.

Rain or shine, busy or slow, blazing hot or freezing cold, we strive to give each and every client dog the safest, most enjoyable day they can possibly have in the conditions. For some, rainy days are the absolute best. Like ol’ Bella Rose here.

Who knew it could be so much fun to stick your face in a 2’ deep mud puddle?

If you have anymore questions about what we do to protect your dog on these days, or just want to talk about the weather, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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Dog Rain by Craig Cloutler