Texas Weather and Dog Boarding

Snowpocalypse.jpgIf it rains too hard, freezes at all, or, heaven forbid, we see some snowflakes, many people in Central Texas have a bit of a meltdown. Especially in Austin, where inclement weather is definitely the exception to the rule. So, when there is extreme cold weather, by Texan standards, people don’t know how to go about their daily lives at all. The roads get icy, everyone gets on the roads, and crashes into each other, I-35 and Mopac become even more treacherous than usual, and that causes a lot of problems like:

  • Customers who have dogs at DogBoy’s call in worrying about their dog’s safety
  • Our employees call saying that they can’t make it in because it’s just too icy
  • People can’t go to work, so they don’t bring their dogs in to DogBoy’s

When the weather gets crazy, is my dog okay?

Warm and cozy Dalmation by the fireYes, when something like #Winterpocalypse happens or the “Polar Vortex” reaches the worst it has to offer, we have a pretty specific and well-tested protocol we follow.

In these extreme cases, Bart and I keep everything under control. We make sure our employees stay home and stay safe. Conveniently, our house is right next-door and we live on the property. So, when bad weather hits we are well aware of it and prepared for it. We take the following steps to make sure all of the dogs at DogBoy’s are safe and comfortable:

  • Bart and I go out to the kennel early in the morning.
  • We run dogs out 5 to 10 at a time.
  • Bart gives all of the dogs their morning breakfast.
  • Bart makes sure everybody’s OK, calm, and comfortable.
  • We put sweaters on the dogs that need sweaters.
  • We check on all of the other individual necessities that each dog needs.
  • Side note: The kennels are heated and some of the floors are heated as well in our buildings so the dogs are always comfy in their runs when it’s cold.


After Bart takes the lead on making sure all of the dog’s are taken care of. I walk over to the office and start returning phone calls to make sure everybody knows that their dogs are safe. I send follow up messages and calls to employees to make sure they know to stay home as well. Customers who are used to driving in hazardous conditions are welcome to give it a try, but we certainly don’t encourage it.

For the rest of the day or until the roads thaw out, I stand by and answer the phones to make sure that everybody knows that their dogs are safe, answer any questions customers might have, and take care of the normal day to day tasks that have to be accomplished.

I just wanted to give everyone a simple glimpse of our process when everything floods, snows, or freezes over in this town. At DogBoy’s, the dogs are always our top priority and they get taken care of come rain or shine, ice or high water.



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