daycare for dogsYour canine companion is more than just a pet, he is your family. Your dog is there every morning when you wake up, and waits for you to return home from work at the end of the day. He is your constant companion and your best buddy. If this sounds like your dog, then daycare may be a fun way to entertain him on days you’re not able to do it yourself.

Whether you want to give him a day away while you are at work, if you are going on a day trip, or if you simply think your dog is bored at home and needs some social interaction, doggy daycare can meet those needs.  Daycare can curb destructive behaviors and alleviate boredom that your dog may experience when left alone.

DogBoy’s doggy daycare is tailored to meet the needs of your dog. We believe in treating your dog as if she is our own. We specialize in interactive play for dogs, where most of the day is spent exercising, playing with other dogs, or resting in air-conditioned comfort.   Here are some other things you need to know about interactive daycare for dogs:

  1. Socialized dogs get to play in our over 20 fenced-in play areas. Daycare is most fun for dogs who are playful and compatible with others.  If your dog has a history of issues with other dogs, speak to a trainer about the possibility of finding ways to safely acclimate your pup to group play.
  2. Dogs who play too rough will occasionally be given a “time-out” – time to themselves to rest and reboot, for the benefit of all the dogs.  We only use positive reinforcement when working with the dogs in our care, so time-out’s never involve punishment or harsh tones from our staff.
  3. All of the dogs who come for daycare or boarding receive some down time to rest from the play areas.  If the weather is nice and there is water in the pond, dogs who like to swim and who have a good recall are taken on a hike and allowed to swim in the pond out at our Private Dog Park.
  4. Be sure to check your dog’s feet for worn pads and give proper rest time after a day of play at DogBoy’s. Hiking, running, and water play can sometimes give your dog sore pads and feet.  Dogs can toughen their paws over time, as layers of keratin form when they are outdoors for long periods of time.  You can also prepare them for any big hikes or time at the Ranch with a product called Pad-Tough, which is an all-natural botanical spray that contains aloe and comfrey.
  5. Keep your dog’s fur trimmed between the feet and around the toe areas to make sure dirt or foreign particles do not get caught between their toes.  Keeping nails trimmed is also important so that they do not break or crack when running on rougher terrain.  We can help with the nail trims, but ask a professional groomer to perform the trimming services for you.
  6. Also consult with your groomer or ask a DogBoy’s team member about whether or not your dog might need special grooming to help them avoid grasses and burrs getting mixed up in their coats.  Some dogs need their thick coats to stay cool in summer months, but other long-haired dogs might benefit from a puppy cut or summer cut to reduce the chances of getting grasses and burrs tangled up in their fur.
  7. Although the Ranch is open for daycare reservations Monday through Friday, it is a good idea to let your dog stay at home on some days. Daycare for dogs should not be an every day event so your buddy does not get overworked.
  8. DogBoy’s does not allow shock collars, choke chains, prong or pinch collars, or harnesses, for the safety of your dog and other dogs.  We highly recommend a nylon or leather collar, and ask that you have a name tag and Rabies tag on your pup as well.
  9. Because your dog will be taking part in outdoor play, make sure your dog is up to date on flea and tick preventatives as well as all vaccines.  This is the country, after all!
  10. Finally, after a day of daycare, expect your dog to be pretty tired the next day or two.  All that physical exercise is combined with mental stimulation in playgroup.  Each time they come, your dogs are put in playgroups with new friends, and they have to use their brains to learn to get along in every new playgroup that they join. That takes work, and can really poop your pup out!
If you have other ideas of things people should know about daycare, please post your ideas here.  Also, to learn more about sore pads and feet, click to download our free article about it.