dog boys and dog girls love senior dogsAt DogBoy’s Dog Ranch, we believe that senior dogs deserve a little extra care during their boarding and day care visits. Senior dogs, also lovingly called “Oldies” often have different needs than our younger, more playful pups.  Here are just a handful of ways we go the extra mile with our geriatric dogs:

  • We keep them in centrally located playgroups, where we can keep a closer eye on them, especially during the warm months.
  • We give extra rest time as needed.
  • We value their wisdom in teaching younger dogs how to behave (as long as they’re up to the task!)
  • We administer their medications (including injections) as often as needed, and find lots of ways to make them appealing and go down easy!
  • We soften their kibble if needed, or give wet food, to make their dinner easier to chew.
  • We let them hang out with staff in our “Ready Room”, which is littered with comfy beds and soft places to curl up.
  • We place them in runs nearest our heater & air conditioning vents.
  • We give them extra blankets in their runs.
  • If they have trouble walking, we’ll carry them or otherwise assist them on their way outside to go potty.
  • We give them extra potty breaks as needed.
  • And of course they get extra lovin’!

Unlike other facilities, at DogBoy’s we have no age restrictions, although we will be the first to tell you when we can no longer care for an elderly dog. Your dog’s safety and comfort is our main focus here at the Ranch.  If you are caring for a senior dog and need some help, we’re here to answer questions or assist with their care on your behalf. That’s what we do best!

Pictured above: Shay Poznich and one of our old favorites Sam, who passed over the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year.