Should I Shave My Dog?Should I shave my dog in the Summer? This is a great question and one I received a lot working in the kennel from our clients at DogBoy’s.

Let me start by saying that as a former cosmetologist, my clients always asked if they should go short for the summer? Getting to know each clients personalities , I always advised from my professional opinion.

It is so easy to humanize our dogs. We tend to treat them as one of our own. If we go short for the summer, so should our dogs, right? Not true! Of all the articles I have read from professional groomers and veterinarians, it is highly advised not to shave your dog unless it is for medical reasons.

Dogs’ coats actually protect them from the environment and help insulate them. If your dog is an outside dog, their coat is protecting them from sun burn. If you have a double coated dog (German Shepherds, Retrievers, Huskies), their fur actually reflects heat away from their skin and has natural oils to keep their skin healthy. Shaving can also make the hair grow back in differently from the way it was originally. This can also cause dry skin issues. It is suggested that if you must shave your dog, try to go with the puppy cut. This is not shaved down so short and has more fur to protect your dog. I would always consult a professional groomer before taking that plunge.

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Blog Post by Shay Poznich, DogBoy’s Training Center Coordinator.

Our thanks to Erik of Zebra Pares on Flickr for the photo!

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