Daycare in AustinMany people debate on weather (pun intended) or not it’s appropriate to bring their dogs out for a day of play on the coldest of days. It’s understandable that one would be concerned about their dog in our outdoor setting when it’s especially chilly or icy. It’s a tough choice; let my dog stay at home all day when I’m away or allow them to go to daycare, as normal, where they may be out in the elements? Let us assure you of a few things.

  • Most dogs really do enjoy the chillier weather. Have you ever let your dog outside on a cold day and watched them go crazy in the backyard, sprinting at top speed, back and forth? We call this the “zoomies”. It’s adorable to watch as the human and full of fun for the dog. The drop in the temperature can even get our older, less playful dogs in a feisty mood. When you get a few of these energized dogs together in a playgroup out at DogBoy’s Dog Ranch, it spells F-U-N for the pups!
  • We will always be watching and assessing your dogs’ needs. We understand that some do not care for the cold, especially our short-haired dogs and small breeds. After a while, even those that enjoy the cold may have had enough. Don’t fear! The beauty of bringing your dog out to daycare, even on a chilly day, is our ability to meet your dog’s needs while you’re away for the day.  We can place your dog out in a playgroup allowing them social interaction and potty time, and if we notice they are cold or uncomfortable, we can pull them indoors for some rest time in the heat.
  • Even if the dogs aren’t out running all day, they will still get a good mental workout, which is just as important! Often our smaller or older dogs that are compatible with most other dogs, can hang out in our “Ready Room”, the kennel staff’s office and prep area. That still offers them the opportunity to interact with other dogs as well as our staff, giving them some good “people time”. If it’s not appropriate for a dog to be in our Ready Room, and they’ve had enough of the outdoors, being in one of our large runs in the heated kennels can provide them with some much needed mental stimulation they would likely not be getting at home. Getting to be around lots of other dogs and people, other than you, offers dogs the opportunity to build coping skills and confidence in situations outside of the home.
  • When it’s just too cold for stretches of play outdoors, we have an indoor space. Some days will simply be too cold for any of our dogs to be out for longer than potty breaks. While our focus is letting dogs run around outside as much as possible, on the days that it’s just not an option, we have an indoor space to build a playgroup in. We have a spacious, heated, training facility in which we can place compatible dogs together. We rotate out the groups, just like we would in our outdoor play areas, allowing different dogs the opportunity to play with others throughout the day.

We know that you work hard to make the best decisions for your dog(s). Be assured that we will always work with you to do what is in your dogs’ best interest, as well. Never hesitate to call and speak with any of our knowledgeable reservations staff or a kennel manager. We will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have and put your mind at ease in regards to any concerns. We love your dogs and want to make every visit fun, safe and exciting for them! Want to talk now? Just click to email our office team.

Blog post by Ferrell Jackson
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