carley slininger and texasMy dogs LOVE heading to DogBoy’s while I go on vacation, and I love it too. As much as I love my 2 bubbly, bouncing Brittany’s, it’s nice to know whether I’m lying on the beach or visiting family they are having the time of their lives swimming, running and making new friends. However it’s nice to take a trip that includes them every once in a while.

I don’t know about everyone else but it not easy planning a 100% pet/family friendly vacation. There is so much to consider: Where are we going to stay? Will it cost extra? Where will we eat on the way? We can’t leave him in the car. I don’t want to eat Mc Donald’s the whole trip. I don’t know the area. Is this park fenced in? Well that’s generally my thought process when it comes to planning trips with my guys. I usually get so stressed out we end up not going, and that’s no fun for anyone!

That’s why I got so excited when I saw DogTipper’s Texas with Dogs book at Barnes and Noble! No, really I went nuts! My family made fun of me the rest of the day for losing it! (They are not really what you would call “dog people” so they just don’t get it.) “Finally some help!” I thought, and boy was I right!

The book is divided into sections. First by area: Hill Country (that’s us!), South Texas Plains, Piney Woods, Prairies and Lakes, Panhandle Plains, Gulf Coast, and Big Bend Country. Each area is further divided into cities such as Austin, Bandera, Boerne, Buchanan Dam, Burnet, Cedar Park, and so on. Then under each city it is divided again:

  • “Run, Spot, Run” parks and other outdoor places and activities that welcome dogs,
  • “Fetch it” shops for dogs and dog lovers
  • “Treat & Eats” pet friendly places to eat
  • “Stay, Lie Down” pet friendly hotels and camp sites and
  • “Pawty Time” yearly events that happen in the area.

Each place has a bit of info about it and also has the address, phone number, and website if they have one. The couple that wrote this very helpful fun book also has a website called were they have even more helpful travel tips as well as a bunch of fun stuff for pets and their families. Even if you’re not interested in traveling over night with your dog it still has great ideas for day trips.

I know our first trip this summer is going to be to New Braunfels. Did you know your dog can go tubing with you on the Guadalupe River?! Well they can, and they are welcome in the shuttle bus and on the tubes. HOW FUN! But one of our doggies is not very calm in a big crowd, so she will be attending daycare with DogBoy’s that day. Maybe next time, Carley, when we go to Blue Starlight Mini Urban Drive-in. A drive in theater right in Austin. Who knew? And you furry friends are more than welcome (as long as they don’t bark during the show). As much as I wish that my dogs were allowed anywhere and everywhere I go, sadly they are not. That’s why we are so incredibly lucky to have DogBoy’s Dog Ranch nearby. But this book opens the possibility to have your dogs with you just a little bit more.

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Blog post by Amanda Slininger, Pet Care Professional at DogBoy’s (currently on leave) and soon to be MOM!