Benefits of Dog TrainingWhen I was twelve years old, my parents decided it was time for me to have a dog of my own. I couldn’t be more excited! We went through the newspaper and found the perfect dog:a Wirehaired Fox Terrier. We were so excited to have this brand new family member, and yet we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into!

In the next week our new dog “Woody” had managed to tear up the sprinkler system, claw through the sheet rock in the garage, as well as escape out of his collar while I was walking him on leash leading him to almost get hit by a car. The following week, we took him to the groomer to get a haircut and the groomer let us know that she could barely handle him. She told us that he also had been nipping at her, and if this behavior continued he would not be welcome back. My parents were at their wits end, and unfortunately decided to rehome poor Woody. I look back on those days and cringe when I think about all of the things we were doing wrong. If we had known then what we know now, things would be very different.

I now have a dog of my own and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I know that we have the relationship that we do now because of the training that I have done with her. I am able to better understand her as well as understand why she behaves a certain way. She is constantly looking to me for direction when she is unsure about something, and I know I can trust her in a variety of different situations now that we have a working relationship.

Working as a trainer here at DogBoy’s has given me the amazing opportunity to realize the benefits of dog training. Here are just a few:

  • Training gives you the skills and knowledge to deal with common behavior problems.
  • Training gives our dogs a huge mental workout! It burns off excess energy and can be exhausting for our dogs, equivalent to a day of daycare.
  • Training gets our dogs’ brains working. They start to problem solve so they can make better decisions in the future.
  • If you take your dog to the park off-leash, getting them to come back to you is important. In class, we go over recalls and how to get our dogs excited to come back to us!
  • Training makes leash walking fun again. We work on understanding why our dogs pull on leash and how to fix the problem.
  • Training gives you the opportunity to build a totally different kind of relationship with your dog. It is a relationship built on trust and understanding.
  • Training is fun! During every class I teach, I watch people having a blast working with their dogs.

If you’re interested in trying a training class with your dog, here is a list of our upcoming classes.

All of our trainers are Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA) and have years of experience under their belt working with different kinds of dogs in a variety of different settings. Every trainer has also worked in the kennel observing body language and play style so that we can better understand what we are looking for when working with more challenging dogs. Find out more about what it means to be certified.


Blog post by Kelly Webber, CPDT-KA

Photo by frashier on Flickr

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