Best Shampoos for DogsEver wonder what shampoos we use here on the Ranch? Very often, we get questions from our clients, who really love the smell of our shampoo and want to know where to find it. We use two different shampoos here at DogBoy’s: Tropiclean’s SPA Pure Hypo shampoo and Cloudstar’s Buddy Wash 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. We need high-quality products that are gentle on a dog’s skin for an affordable rate. Over the years we have tried out several different types of shampoos and have found that these two best fit our current needs. Both of the shampoos are soap free, use natural ingredients, and are gentle on dog’s skin and coats.

The primary shampoo we use here at the Ranch is Cloudstar’s Buddy Wash in lavender and mint. It is great for our everyday baths and for the really muddy or stinky dogs. It does a great job of cutting through tough grime, safe enough for frequent use (even on puppies), and leaves the fur extra soft and smelling divine! Buddy Wash is all-natural and formulated with cosmetic-grade ingredients, including botanical extracts and essential oils for long-lasting freshness. The natural effects of lavender, combined with the therapeutic power of mint, create a calming scent for dogs that may not love bath time.The conditioning element works well for dogs with long, fluffy fur or dogs with course, Terrier fur- leaving them all soft and tangle free! Buddy wash is our favorite because it leaves dogs not only smelling great, but looking shiny and fluffy! Cloudstar products are made here in the United States with high quality, all natural ingredients. They are also committed to giving back and pledge to donate 10% of their net profits to non-profit organizations benefitting animals, women, children, and the environment. Cloudstar believes that doing good business should include doing good things for others and we couldn’t agree more!

For dogs with sensitive skin or allergies, we use a hypo-allergenic shampoo (SPA Pure) which is gentle enough for the dog’s skin but tough enough to get the job done. It has a nice, soft smell which can be hard to find in a hypo-allergenic shampoo. We have really put it to the test and have been impressed with how well this shampoo has proven itself against some of our smelliest dogs straight from the pond. The SPA Pure shampoo is mild, tearless, composed of all natural ingredients and safe to use on most dogs. Tropiclean is an environmentally responsible company that strives to use high quality ingredients that are sourced here in the United States. A generous portion of their revenue goes directly to supporting the poor, widowed and orphaned in countries like Guatemala, Haiti and beyond through their nonprofit organization Gifts of Love International. We love to support companies like Tropiclean!

Both shampoos can be purchased locally, and you can find Buddy Wash right here at DogBoy’s for less than at big box retailers!

If you ever love (or hate) how your dog smells, we want to know about it! Getting feedback from you is the main way we know if you like what we’re doing. Anytime you’ve got feedback of any kind for us, contact DogGirl.

Blog post by Lydia Yancey & Jana McSwain

Cute photo by Ginny on Flickr