Are you interested in some new training classes for you and your dog? Do you want a change from all the obedience work but still want to build nice, polite skills in your dog? Well, we have two classes starting soon that would be a great option for you!

Thumper crateThe first class we have is called Calming, Patience and Crating. This is a 5 week class that requires no prerequisites! It is an excellent choice for dogs and handlers of all skill levels. This class is not only a wonderful place get started in training, but could also be a great supplement for the more advanced dogs. We work on building problem-solving skills and improving impulse control (something almost all young dogs need) by using a tool many of us already have: the crate! This class also teaches us how to have fun with our dogs using their crate. In this class, you will learn a lot about dog body language and what they are trying to communicate to you through that body language. You will also learn exercises to help build patience in your dog. We will go over how to introduce your dog to the crate and how to encourage calm behavior in the crate. If you don’t already have a crate but might be interested in getting one for the future, you may rent a crate from us for $10 per week for the duration of the class. This is a great way to test run a crate without having to purchase one.

cappy SpotWe also have a Spot’s Spot class starting in July! This class focuses on teaching our dogs to “go to their place.” This is a skill all dogs should have and is extremely beneficial for both you and your dog. They will learn how to problem solve, to respect boundaries, and how to relax. We use a blanket or mat, something easily portable that our dogs will settle on. This class is great for teaching our dogs to relax on their “spot” with different distractions -such as toys, people, and food – right in front of them! This is a wonderful option for young and rowdy dogs and for family dogs. Spot’s Spot is great for the family that is looking to take their dog on outings, but doesn’t quite know how to get them to settle down when out and about (at restaurant patios, Blues on the Green, a friend’s house, etc.).

To find out more about our upcoming group classes, or to see which one might be right for your dog, click below to speak to someone from our Training Team!

Blog post by Lydia Yancey, Kennel Manager and Trainer.