Puppy Dreams Of TrainingWhen you are first thinking about training your dog, it’s very easy to get caught up in this cycle of questions:

  • “Is dog training worth the money?”
  • “My dog has no glaring behavior problems, why should I train them?”
  • “What would me and my dog focus on in dog training?”
  • “Does my dog really need dog training?”
  • “There’s too many options, where do I even start?”

It can be difficult to figure out the answers to these questions, for your specific situation, by scouring Google, Yelp, and other internet resources for answers. Even if you do have a specific goal with your dog, where should you start? It can be tricky to make the right choice. The good news is, this week we are going to walk you through the different training service options we offer at DogBoy’s Dog Ranch to help you answer that very question.

Private Dog Training Lessons

There are a lot of benefits to doing private lessons. During a private lesson you have the undivided attention of one of our certified trainers for a full hour. You get to work on exactly what you want to work on, and we can even come to you. Our trainers are available for private lessons throughout the week, and hold lessons in the evenings, so it easily fits around your schedule.

Private lessons are the right choice if:

  • Your dog is having behavior problems such as aggression, anxiety, or fear.
  • Your dog is having location specific problems, such as house training, or greeting guests.
  • Group Classes and Workshops don’t work with your schedule, and it’s easier for us to come to you.
  • You prefer the focused one on one attention.
  • If your dog is easily distracted, private lessons are a great starting point before you eventually join a group class.

Our trainers are incredibly passionate, patient, and specialized in their field of expertise. DogBoy’s trainers stay commited to continuing education throughout their careers, so we can provide you and your dog with the best service possible.

Group Classes for Dogs

We offer a wide variety of group classes for dogs and their people. In a group class, we teach everything from basic obedience (in our Foundations class) to Agility, Tricks, Rally Obedience and more!

Group classes involve you and your dog, coming to DogBoy’s once a week, for anywhere from four to six weeks in a row. In your class, you could have anywhere from three to six dogs all working at the same time. This can be very distracting for our dogs, but is great socializing practice for them.

Group classes are the way to go if:

  • You have a set of goals that are spelt out in a class description.
  • You are more focused on bonding with your dog than reaching a specific goal.
  • You have done some private lessons and are ready to take the next step.
  • You are able to commit to a consistent schedule.

Group classes can also help you meet some like minded dog owners, and can be a very rewarding process for owners and their dogs.

Dog Training Workshops

Dogs and their people at an eventWorkshops are a relatively new addition to the training menu here at DogBoy’s Dog Ranch. Workshops focus on the same wide range of skills as our group classes for dogs, and some are designed to supplement and support our group classes.

The big difference between a workshop and our group classes is instead of coming every four weeks for an hour, you just come once. During a workshop, you and your dog come to DogBoy’s for an extended time period, usually 90 minutes to two hours. Our dog training workshops can be much easier to fit into your busy schedule.

Workshops are the way to go if:

  • Your schedule is unpredictable and it is hard to commit to multiple weeks in a row.
  • You have a very small and specific goal you want to focus on.
  • You are just looking for a day of fun and bonding with your dog.
  • You are looking to brush up on some skills.

Workshops are also a great way to just take a quick break from daily life with your dog, and have a little fun.

Board & Train

We have multiple options if you are interested in having your dog get some training while they stay with us. Let me highlight a couple of those Board & Train options:

We have an ‘a la carte’ option, where you can just ask us to work on a couple of specific skills with your dog to help brush them up. This is a great option if:

  • You need help refining a skill with your dog.
  • You have a skill that you are already working on with your dog.
  • You’re just looking for your dog to have some extra fun during their stay.

We have a very structured board and train option that we book by the week. It includes all of the boarding, training, and lessons. This is a good choice if:

  • You need help jump starting your dog’s training.
  • You are going on a trip, but want your dog to get started before you get back.
  • You have no idea where to start with dog training.

With either option, it is always a good idea to do a follow up private lesson. Dogs are not very good at generalizing things that they learn, so the trainers will need to show you how to follow through with your dog at home with the training they started.

Dog Behavior Boot Camp or Pup Academy

Behavior Boot Camp and Pup Academy are our two newest programs, and we are very proud of them. The main difference between the two programs is the age of the dog enrolled.

Behavior Boot Camp is designed for dogs 6 months and older. It focuses on dogs who are struggling in daycare, possibly with reactivity, and need a quieter place to play. We use dogs who are proven good adults to socialize them, and we focus their training sessions on whatever skill they need help with. Boot Camp is also open to non-reactive dogs who just need some help brushing up on their skills.

Behavior Boot Camp is a good option if:

  • You are struggling with your dog’s training and need some backup.
  • Your dog is not doing very well in normal daycare.
  • You want your dog to have an extra fun daycare day.

Cute Puppy in the grassPup Academy is designed for puppies 6 months and younger. In Pup Academy, we focus on teaching basic skills as well as patience and problem solving skills. We socialize puppies with good adult dogs, and with strange new objects.

Pup Academy is a good option if:

  • You need some time away from your puppy and a tired puppy for a night.
  • You are looking for some support in the training you are doing with your puppy.
  • You want some constructive opportunities for your puppy to socialize.

Making The Decision To Train Your Dog

I could go on and on about all of the services we offer here at DogBoy’s, and how successful and fun they all are, because we put our focus on the needs of your dog. I hope this explanation of our dog training options helps you find the right service for you. If you are still left wondering, contact DogBoy’s or email our training department, and they will be able to help you find just the right fit.



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