Featuring Jen Larson, KPA-CTP & Whitney Spence, CPDT-KA
Concept by Courtney Emken

TRAINING DEMO! This is a simple method for an on leash greeting and introduction between two dogs that are NOT particularly leash reactive. If you are working with reactive dogs or dogs that are less socialized, then you would need to follow a different method which we will cover in the future. 🐶🐶🐶


– Hi I’m Jen and this is Claire. And over there is our certified trainer Whitney with Macy. And so what we’re gonna be doing today is a little bit of an on leash greeting between these two dogs. So neither one of these dogs are particularly leash reactive or anything like that so this is just gonna be kind of a simple, easy intro. If you were working with a reactive dog or a dog that was less socialized than these two guys it would be a much different process. So this is just gonna be kind of an easy little simple thing that we’re doing here today. So the first thing that both Whitney and I are gonna be doing is just building some attention and focus with our dogs before we attempt to have them meet. So we want them calm, we want them working with us, focused on us. So right now we’re just rewarding any sort of calm, polite behavior, any sort of attention here. So then we’re gonna start moving around a little bit. Come on Claire. Yes, good. So anytime Claire checks in with me, so offers me some eye contact and attention, if she’s doing some nice heeling, if I ask her for a sit and she gives me a sit, anything like that I’m gonna go ahead and mark and reinforce for her. Claire, yes, good girl. Sit. Good sit Claire. So what Whitney and I are gonna do is slowly and slowly get closer and closer together until we can actually have these guys say hi to each other while they’re on leash. But the whole time we’re doing that we’re gonna be reinforcing this calm appropriate behavior. So we’re keeping their arousal levels low, we’re keeping their focus and attention on us. They’re not getting fixated on each other, no tension is building. So we’re just gonna keep it nice and loose and comfortable. And so as we’re doing this it’s always really important to pay attention to the dog’s body language. So you can see with both of these dogs, and if Claire wants to sniff I’m gonna let her sniff a little bit ’cause sniffing is calming. But you can see that both of these dogs are nice and loose and relaxed. Their tails are low and loose and wagging. So if Claire pulls towards Macy, Claire, good, I’m just gonna redirect her back to me because I’m not quite ready for her to meet Macy yet. Clair, good, good girl. So nice loose low tail. Nice body language, Claire, good Claire, very good. Macy’s looking nice and calm and relaxed so I’m gonna inch Claire up a little bit closer to Macy. Sit. Good sit Claire. We’re gonna see how close we can get here. Come a little closer Claire. Sit. So I’m gonna body block her if she tries to get over to Macy before I’m ready. Claire, good Claire, very good. Gonna inch up right next to Macy here, ask her for another sit. Claire do a sit. Good, very good. So I’m feeling comfortable with having these two interact on leash right now ’cause they’re both nice and relaxed, open mouth here. Hi miss Macy you wanna say hi to Claire. Oh, so Macy turned around a little bit suddenly and kind of spooked Claire but you can see both dogs are still doing okay. They’ve got nice loose tails. Miss Macy, yeah that’s Claire. Good girl. So Macy checked Claire out a little bit. We’re gonna just let them interact if they want to. They’re not choosing to interact too much right now so that’s okay, we’re not gonna force them to interact. Good girl Macy. We can do a couple little group sits. Do you wanna sit? Good, can you sit? Good. So we can get them comfortable with being so close to each other. And then this is also a little bit of resource guarding prevention work because they’re taking treats near each other so they’re pairing some positive emotional association taking food near another dog. This is good. We can do a little bit of parallel walking. Where Whitney and I will walk these dogs kind of right next to each other. Let’s walk that way maybe. There we go, good dogs. Good dogs. So just reinforcing both of them for calm, polite behavior. Good job, let’s turn around. There we go. So this on leash intro went really well. These guys are both well socialized dogs. They’re used to meeting other dogs on leash and playing out in group and stuff so on leash intros don’t always go like this. If you’ve got an anxious dog or reactive dog then you’ve gotta go a lot slower and it’s a little bit more of a complicated procedure.