Featuring Jen Larson, KPA-CTP & Clara Scott, CPDT-KA
Concept by Courtney Emken


We offer several services through our Training & Wellness center, this is an overview of some of those programs and how they work. Check it out!

– Hi, this is Clara, and I’m Jen, and we’re gonna tell you a little bit about some of the programs that we offer through our Training and Wellness Center here at DogBoy’s. So one of those programs is our DogBoy’s Dayschool program, so that be used to be referred to sometimes as Pup Academy or Behavior Bootcamp, but now we just call it DogBoy’s Dayschool. And so that program is all about daycare training, so dogs get dropped off to us in the morning, between 7.30 and 9.30 a.m., and then they spend the whole day out in playgroups, in the Training and Wellness Center, playing with other dogs, and then doing focus training sessions with our certified trainers on-site. And then, owners come pick the dogs up between 4 and 6 p.m. in the evening, so that’s a really great option if you would like to get some training in, but you might be really busy and not have a lot of time at home, it’s also a great option for dogs who are social, and want to be out in playgroups and play, or that maybe aren’t super social, and a little bit more help being comfortable with other dogs or sometimes older dogs who just don’t really want to play at all, and just need a comfortable place to just kind of hang out throughout the day, and get some little training sessions in too. So another program that we offer down at the Training and Wellness Center is almost the same thing, it’s called Wellness Daycare, but it’s minus the training sessions, so it’s all the daycare and the playgroups and the socialization, but the dog doesn’t actually get any focus training sessions throughout the day. So that’s a really great option if you’re just looking for some increased socialization and playtime with your dog. So both of those options are available as, just kind of pay-as-you-go, day-by-day, and we also have punch cards where you can get a discount in price.

– So another service that we offer is Charm School, so if your dog is boarding or if they’re here for regular daycare at our main kennel, you can sign up for Charm School sessions, and you can work on anything, like, loose-leash walking, just doing basics, teaching them to sit or lay down, or you could work on, if they’ve got some reactivity, like leash reactivty, we can work on that. Just really what you wanna focus on with your dog, and we offer those, they’re- you can do them individually, like, get individual Charm School sessions, or you can get punch cards, you can get a 10-pack punch card.

– So, what might a Charm School session look like, like, what happens?

– So, with our Charm School sessions, a certified trainer will come and take the dog from the kennel, and they’ll spend- one session’s 15 minutes, and you can do up to two per day, and they walk around the property, or they may take them to the Training Center, or work whatever that the dog needs focus on, so.

– Yeah, depending on what they’re working on.

– Depending on what they’re working on, and they’ll work with them for 15 minutes, or if they have two sessions, y’know, they’ll, they’ll do 30 minutes throughout the day, and that could even be something like enrichment, so they can call them down to the Training Center, maybe just do some nose work with them, it doesn’t have to be focusing on a specific behavior, it can just be a nice break from the kennel, so that they get just a little relaxed quiet time and get to do some fun nose work or something like that.

– So Clara, I know you’re really passionate about co-operative handling, and I know there’s a cool service that we offer for boarding or kennel dogs, can you tell us a little bit about that?

– Yeah, so you can sign up to get a Nail Trim punch-card with us at the Training Center, so that we pull your dogs down and a trainer works with them in just a quieter place, some dogs do better when it’s just quieter around, when we’re doing a nail trim, and have to, to handle their paws, and that kind of thing.

– And we can work a little more one-on-one with them, in those kind of calm, peaceful environment, we use a lot of reinforcement, and we can, we kind of know how to set that behavior up so they feel a little bit better about it by the end of it.