It is with a heavy heart that we announce we have sold our property and will be closing DogBoy’s Dog Ranch at the end of January.

We’ve been in operation for over 26 years now, and have put our heart and soul into making DogBoy’s a special place for dogs and their people. It was not an easy decision to make as we love all of our employees, our clients, and your dogs.

After careful consideration, we believe this is the best decision for us. We want to thank you so much for your loyalty over the past years. We have selected some facilities below that will take great care of your dogs.

Our training team may continue to work together, so until you hear further, please keep in touch with our trainers at

As for all our employees, we will be offering severance packages and they all have an invitation to apply for work at our partner facilities across the Greater Austin area.

Bart and I will remain in the Austin area and will continue to work in the industry as coaches for other pet care facilities across the country.

Recommended Pet Care Options: