Enrichment & Life Skills Academy (ELSA)


Welcome to the next generation of training daycare! Our ELSA program is designed to meet all your dog’s needs. Our dogs need exercise designed for decompression and relaxation, mental enrichment, socialization, training, and rest.  ELSA participants are supervised by our team of Certified Professional Dog Trainers.  Your dog will spend the day rotating between periods of play, enrichment activities, decompression walks, training sessions, and rest breaks.  Each dog who enrolls in ELSA will work on a set curriculum of basic training and life skills that will translate well into your home environment.

ELSA will focus on the following areas of overall behavioral wellness:

Social needs:  Your dog will have supervised periods of play during the day with well matched canine playmates.  If your dog does not enjoy dog play, he or she will enjoy play time one-one-one with one of our trainers.

Enrichment needs:  Mental enrichment is an instrumental part of any training plan.  Enrichment activities help curb boredom, build confidence, ease anxiety, and prevent problem behaviors.  We ask that you bring your dog’s breakfast with him for his day of ELSA.  Mental stimulation is critical for complete behavioral wellness, and we will use your dog’s regular meal to create puzzles and games for him to problem solve.  Enrichment activities are varied and limited only by our imaginations, but may include puzzle toys, stuffed Kongs, snuffle mats, and scent and search games.  You are encouraged to bring along any of your dog’s favorite puzzle toys or long-lasting chews such as bully sticks for him to work on during the day.

Exercise needs:  Not all exercise is created equal.  If you are going on leashed walks, during which your dog is getting barked at – or barking at – other dogs behind fences, you are encountering other stressors (like unfamiliar people, traffic, etc.), or your dog is practicing reactivity (i.e. fence fighting, barking at or lunging toward people or dogs), you may not be getting the best type of exercise.  A sniffy walk is a walk during which your dog will lead the way and will get lots of time to do doggy things such as sniffing, exploring, rolling in the grass, and peeing on trees.  Here at DogBoy’s, we have large open areas for sniffing and exploring that your dog will enjoy during her day of ELSA.  We may walk off leash in our fenced dog park area or around the property on a long line and a harness.

Training needs:  We believe training is critical for all dogs.  During ELSA, your dog will work one-on-one in training sessions with one of our certified trainers.  Our core curriculum for our ELSA dogs includes universal foundation behaviors.  These skills include a conditioned response to the clicker, response to name, waiting at doorways, relax on a mat, and stationing alone and in group environments.  We also capture and reinforce appropriate behaviors throughout the day.  If you have questions about any of these skills, we encourage you to reach out to our training team.  If you have specific training goals above and beyond our foundation curriculum, reach out to our training team to discuss adding additional training to your dog’s day.

Rest:  Your dog will need rest time during the day to allow her to get the most out of her training and play time.  During the day, your dog will relax in one of our kennel rooms with white noise or soft music.  Extra chew items are encouraged for break times to help your dog relax.

Enrichment & Life Skills Academy (ELSA)

  • Offered by appointment Monday through Friday
  • Drop off for half and full day between 7:30 and 9:30 am at the Training and Wellness Center
  • Pick up for half day by 1:00 pm and for full day between 4:00 and 6:00 pm at the Training and Wellness Center
  • Full day: $65
  • Half day: $40
  • Additional Charm School sessions (15 minutes each) offered at $25 per session (max 2 per full day, 1 per half day).

A kennel evaluation is not required to schedule ELSA or other training services at the Training and Wellness Center but is needed in order to schedule overnight boarding or our traditional daycare at the kennels. If you think you may need boarding or traditional daycare in the future, we encourage you to schedule an evaluation.

For more information on ELSA, please call 512-251-7600 and ask to be connected to the training department.  You may also email the training department at training@dogboys.com

Recurring Reservations – No Show and Cancellation Policy:

After two or more No Shows (cancellations without notification) or cancellations with less than 24-hours-notice, your recurring reserved spot may be forfeited, at our trainers’ discretion.  You may still make weekly reservations but will need to check for availability in advance.  No shows and cancellations with less than 24-hours-notice after that may be subject to the full charge for the day.