I decided to write this blog post to let you (our clients) know that I will be leaving DogBoy’s as of March 9th.  I realize this is short notice on my part and I apologize for that.  I will be moving to beautiful Vancouver, WA to be closer to my family.  The decision to move has been a difficult one for me and still is heart wrenching.  To all of our clients reading this, I want you to know I would not be the same without having met every one of you.

Recently I realized my Australian Cattle Dog (Mika) is 9yrs old.  Seriously, 9yrs old!  That just takes a bit to sink in.  I’m talking about a dog who still runs up to the office door at full speed when it’s time to go home from playgroup.  You can count how long it takes her in seconds.  My DogBoy’s co-workers affectionately call her the ‘Blue Bullet’.   When I realized how old she was that got me to thinking that I have worked at DogBoy’s since she was a puppy.  That means I have lived in Texas for about 10yrs.  It’s amazing how you don’t realize how long you have been somewhere until you leave.  Odd, how that works.  I have learned a lot while working at DogBoy’s.  My co-workers are full of behavioral knowledge that rivals anyone I personally have known with my 13+yrs in the animal field.  DogBoy’s has taught me the benefits of front attachment harnesses, food puzzles, and most importantly time spent with my dog.  Mika will miss her playgroup time at DogBoy’s tremendously.  I consider it a good day when she comes home wet and/or dirty.

Not only has DogBoy’s taught me knowledge within the animal field, but they have also supported me through some rough patches in my life.  The breakup of an 8yr relationship, followed by neck surgery (2010) for herniated discs soon after (I’m now bionic), my cat passing in 2012, and going to school for a Pastry/Baking certificate in 2013 while working full-time (yes, I graduated!).  These rough patches in my life may not seem catastrophic, but for me they were tough.  I am lucky that I’ve had so few.  I’ve suffered with depression throughout my life and my friends at DogBoy’s have helped me weather those cycles.  I’m trying to learn that I’m not broken, just human.

I will miss everyone and my co-workers have already made me promise I will visit routinely.  After all, I will need adequate sun exposure that only Texas can give.

Blog post written by Julia Olczak




We will miss you too, Julia! More than you could ever know. What we will miss most is Julia’s keen attention to detail and her honest and always polite demeanor. Julia, you were a pleasure to work with!

If any of you would like to send a note to Julia to wish her well, you can do so at julia@dogboys.com for the time being. Enjoy your new adventure, Julia! We are with you in spirit at all times.


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