Muddy Molly loves boarding at DogBoysBeing a pet care facility owner has its perks. Entrepreneurship, in general, comes with a long list of advantages. However, getting to the good part of anything takes time. The early days were not easy. There were years of work without vacations. There were long days when the challenges we faced seemed too great to move on.

Somehow though, the longer we remain in business it occurs to me – we’ve really built a big community here all based around our love for dogs. All this time, it was more than just about loving dogs and taking good care of them. It was about loving people too – our clients, our staff, and even vendors and colleagues. And it’s this purpose that makes the really tough times worth all the struggles we’ve gone through.

For those of you who don’t know much about me (DogGirl), I suffer from Crohn’s Disease – and have since I was a young teen. Right after the new year, my Crohn’s flared up in a very big way. I had to be hospitalized for 5 days, and all of a sudden my work ceased. Thankfully, I avoided surgery and was eventually able to go home with only a few medication changes. But during those days, I got some visitors that all had something to do with dogs, and being a small business owner. If only I could have had my dogs with me in the hospital! At least my little guy Noodle would have been welcomed…time to teach him to be a service dog!

Courtney at the HospitalA Community Of People Built Around Dogs

My first visitor was Michele, a current client who has been in and around the DogBoy’s family for close to 15 years. Michele has two dogs that come multiple times per week for doggy daycare, and get regularly scheduled day training sessions as well. Michele is not only a wonderful client, but she actually used to work at DogBoy’s back in the early days. I saw a slew of new and old friends during my stay, here are the highlights:

  • Next to visit was my Pastor Rosy, from Immanuel Lutheran Church in Pflugerville. She has a teacup Chihuahua named Sassy, who I am absolutely in love with.
  • Cathleen and Gabe both came, who are in my BNI networking group – they get to listen to me go on and on about dogs on a weekly basis.
  • Amy, my dear friend from church, came bearing gifts. Amy is also the mother of Michael, one of our lead kennel techs. Their dog Landon “Mr. Tough Guy” cracks me up on a regular basis.
  • Finally, in walked Allison, a favorite client from the early years who’s little sweetie Molly (pictured above) was a role model in day care, and a favorite among the staff. Even though Molly crossed the Rainbow Bridge over five years ago, I still consider Allison a dear friend and have a strong feeling we’ll be seeing her back at the Dog Ranch in the near future.

Loving Dogs Teaches Us To Care For Each Other

The big takeaway from this hospital stay, is that we’ve really built up a community of dog lovers here. All this time, we’ve talked about strengthening the human-dog bond through education, care and play. At the same time, we were unknowingly also strengthening the bonds of our community. By loving and caring for dogs in the right way, the dogs created a built in network of supportive people all around us.

We’ve brought together people who have one big thing in common: the love of the dogs, arguably the most loveable domesticated animal on the planet. We look forward to many more years of loving people who love dogs, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the gift of being able to care for your pups! It has truly been an honor.