blog_thanksgiving_dogJoker was a very relaxed and mild-mannered dog. In all my childhood, I don’t remember him being reactive around another dog, jumping on furniture or even scratching at a door. That husky-collie mix seemed so content that he never even ate our food when it fell on the floor.

What resolve! That was, until, my mom left 16 pies out to cool on the counters one night before Thanksgiving. In the morning, nothing was left except some empty pie tins and a dog with a very bad tummy ache regretfully moaning on the ground.

He even ate all of my special pumpkin pies, but he was okay. For that, I was grateful.

A warm smile, fuzzy hug and plenty of kisses when we walk through the door. Someone to lay on our feet and keep them warm when the cold fronts come through. A best friend to motivate us to get out and exercise. Unconditional love. Dog owners have so many things to be thankful for, and this is the perfect time of year to reflect on that!

You may be used to writing thank you notes for friends, but try taking just a couple of minutes to jot down some ways that you are thankful for your dog! Not only will this be helpful for you to draw upon the next time they go counter surfing and eat your food *Joker*Cough*Joker*, but it might show you some new ways to return the favor and the positive experience. You can both feed off of that rewarding energy and work toward an even better relationship!

Making homemade, dog-friendly treats is always a fun way to spoil your pet, just make sure you avoid ingredients that are harmful to dogs like chocolate, grapes and raisins to name a few. When it comes to “people food” and dogs who may have sensitive stomachs, even if it is an approved food, it is usually best to treat in moderation if you’re unsure how your dog will react!

You can also thank your dog for loyal companionship by taking a training class with them, or take a quick second to thank your trainer if you have already. They might have another opportunity in mind for a great follow-up class with a last-minute opening that would best fit your dog’s needs and enjoyment. Training is a great way to strengthen that human-dog bond and learn new things about each other while exercising both physical and mental stimulation!

Whether you are staying home for Thanksgiving Day with your pets, boarding them or having a friend check in on them, you may want to check out the National Dog Show on NBC. It’s a Thanksgiving Day tradition 13 years in the making and usually showcases about 2,000 dogs in exhibitions and family-friendly activities.

If you use any regular dog sitters, dog walkers, veterinarians or pet facilities, take a quick second to ask yourself how thankful you are to have them in your life and let them know! Chances are, they feel the same way and are grateful to share that time with your dog!

On behalf of everybody at DogBoy’s Dog Ranch, I can’t thank you enough for all of your continued support and happy faces every time you walk through our doors, whether it’s the grinning smile 5 or 6 feet in the air or the slobbering mugs a couple feet off the ground. Happy faces make our day and we appreciate having you in our DogBoy’s family!