Featuring Jen Larson, KPA-CTP & Clara Scott, CPDT-KA
Concept by Courtney Emken


There are so many dog training and behavior books available out there. Our certified dog trainers recommend the books they utilize the most and refer out to their clients for different issues dog owners face such as reactivity, wellness, and other behavior training methods. Check it out and our links to the books below!

Control Unleashed Book 3: Reactive to Relaxed by Leslie McDevitt:

Teaching the Reactive Dog Class by Emma Parsons:

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals By Turid Rugaas:

Getting in TTouch with Your Dog By Linda Tellington-Jones:

Stretch Your Dog Healthy By Raquel Wynn:

Gamify Your Dog Training: Training Games for Group Instruction By Terry Ryan:

Terry Ryan’s Chicken Workshops:

The Other End Of The Leash By Patricia McConnell:

Puppy Start Right by Debbie and Kenneth Martin:


– Hi, I’m Jen and this Clara, and we’re here today to talk about some books that we really like and recommend. So, first I’d like to just talk about some books that I really like, that have to do with dealing with reactivity. So, reactivity is such a common problem for a lot of dogs and their owners, and so one book that I really like is by Leslie McDevitt. So she released a book a long time ago called Control Unleashed, but this is her new book. So it’s Control Unleashed: Reactive to Relaxed and it’s got some new topics in it. One thing that I really like that she recommends is pattern games for dogs, and we’re going to talk about pattern games in a different video, but just to go in to it a little bit, what it does is, it gets the dog in to kind of a rhythmic pattern of behavior where you’re working them and they’re kind of feeling safe in their patterns, so you’re able to introduce triggers that might usually cause reactivity in to the environment, without having them freak out about it. So, another reactive dog book that I really like, is by Emma Parsons, and so this one is actually called Teaching the Reactive Dog Class, but you don’t have to be a training instructor to enjoy this book. So, it goes through kind of a six week reactivity program, and so you could just use that in your every day life. You wouldn’t have to be teaching a class to enjoy it and find it useful. Clara, do you have any books you like?

– Yes, so one of my favorite books is On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals and Turid Rugass does a really great job of explaining to you how dogs communicate with each other, and how they communicate with us with their body language. So, even though they’re not saying words, they’re using their body to communicate with us, hey I’m a little uncomfortable, or hey I don’t want any trouble here. And so it’s a great read for any dog owner, and anyone interested in learning more about body language.

– Yeah, and it’s great, so it goes over stress signals, conflict appeasement signals, calming signals, it’s a really good book. So, another book that I really like, kind of a shift in topics here, but it’s about TTouch. So, TTouch is this method of working with dogs with their bodies, so it’s called Tellington Touch, and was created by this woman Linda Tellington-Jones. And so it’s just kind of this gentle approach of trying to change the way a dog’s body feels, how they feel about their immediate environment, using touch, things like that. And another book that I really like that kind of does some of the same stuff is Stretch Your Dog Healthy, and so this is by Raquel Wynn. I love this book, I’ve used this to teach a canine massage workshop, stretching workshop.

– It was so fun, I took it!

– I remember that too, yeah. So I really love this one, it shows you a lot of different stretches you can do, some massage techniques. So this one is great for older dogs who might be in pain, it’s great for younger active dogs who might get sore muscles from sports, so I love this one. And I think we’ve got a couple more, Clara, do you have another one?

– Yeah, absolutely, so Gamify Your Dog Training so we can use this in class or you can use it at home to play games with your dogs and just make training fun. So, one of the games we really love is Dogzilla, where you set up obstacles and you set up treats around, and they have to knock things over to get to the treats and basically wreck the little city that you built. So, there’s a lot of cool little games like that, and there’s lots of pictures and you can, like I said do this at home with your friends too.

– And Terry Ryan, the author of this book if you think that you would be interested in this, I would recommend looking her up and looking at her chicken camp videos, because she trains

– Oh, it’s fun!

– Chickens, and she teaches people to train chickens, so that’s really interesting. So, anyway, lots of good books out there, and a couple other books that we don’t have with us today but that we would recommend, anything by Dr. Patricia McConnell, so The Other End of the Leash is a really good one by her, and then also do you have that puppy one?

– Yeah, and Puppy Start Right by Debbie Martin. So, if you have a new puppy or you know someone who’s gonna have a new puppy, it’s really great, tells you how to start them off in just the right way.

– I love that one.