Odd Dog CouplePlenty of people in Austin, TX take their dogs with them for doggy dates. Sometimes we go on doggy dates as play dates with friends’ dogs, or romantic outings with significant others and their furry friends. We know how challenging it can be to come up with new and interesting date ideas. Making those dates or outings dog-friendly can be even more work.
Whether you’re interested in a platonic or romantic doggy date night, we have some great ideas for you and your pups to have fun in Austin.

Our Top 10 Doggy Date Nights in Austin

  1. Shopping @ The Domain Many of the shops and restaurants at the Domain welcome dogs. So you can slip into Athleta for some yoga wear and sit down for some creme brulee tea and a ginger scone, enjoying Austin’s beautiful weather on the patio of The Steeping Room.
  2. Enjoy a meal at some of Austin’s best restaurants with outdoor patios. Some of our favorites include Kerbey Lane Cafe, Phil’s Ice House (also very kid friendly), Austin Terrier (great pizza!) and Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill.
  3. Meet for a Cocktail at outdoor spots like Opal Divine’s, Yard Bar or Dog House Drinkery and Park. Even Rogness Brewery, right around the corner from DogBoy’s often has dog rescue related events.
  4. Enjoy a private reservation at DogBoy’s Private Dog Park. Sure, there are public dog parks all over town, but here’s why we like private parks over public ones.
  5. Take a jog around Ladybird Lake, or if you’re really feeling daring, try SUP’ing with your dog on the lake!
  6. Go for a hike at some of Austin’s best trails. We especially love Turkey Creek, Walnut Creek and Red Bud Isle. Even the lovely Laguna Gloria and Zilker Botanical Gardens allow pets on leash.
  7. Consider taking a training class with your dogs. You know what they say, a couple who learns together stays together!
  8. Go see a movie. If you’re a movie buff and have dogs that are super chill, consider Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive In Theater, where very friendly, very quiet dogs are welcome.
  9. Need a good stretch? Consider taking a “Doga” class with a friend and your dogs. You heard me right, Austin Doga has been teaching yoga to people and their dogs for years now.
  10. Find out more about this great town with Austin Guided Walking Tours. Leashed, friendly dogs are welcome.
Whatever you do, make sure to have fun, bring plenty of water for you and your pups, and don’t forget those poop bags! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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Odd couple by Andrew Skudder