Dog Boarding & Day Care

Boarding at DogBoy’s Dog Ranch is not like boarding at any other dog kennel.

At DogBoy’s Dog Ranch, our dogs spend nearly all of their time outside getting wholesome exercise or snoozing in the shade! Except for the heat of the summer and during inclement weather, dogs are in their runs only during rest breaks and overnight for meals and sleep time. For the rest of the day, they’re out running around, digging in the dirt, or snoozing in the shade!

  • 15 Beautiful, spacious acres to run and play in the wide open spaces
  • Hours of playtime with other compatible dogs
  • Climate Controlled sleeping quarters with blankets for comfort
  • We treat your dogs as if they were our own
  • Our experienced kennel staff takes extra care to make a note of any problems or changes in your dog’s physical and emotional well-being. They pick up on Fido feeling lonely, scared, or sick to his stomach, and act on it right away.

“My dogs got home cleaner, more fit, happier, more relaxed, better behaved, and basically glowing after their stay and they still are! I need to know your secrets :)”
— Debby Wolfinsohn

Your boarding cost includes:

  • special diet
  • any other special needs
  • playtime
  • food
  • medications
  • Unlimited TLC is free of charge!

Not ready to reserve yet?  Give us a call to ask any questions you may have.  We want you to find the best dog boarding facility for your pet – even if we’re not it.

Doggy Daycare & Playtime

You can relax at work, knowing that your pup is having fun and getting lots of exercise while you’re away! For those of you with busy lives who feel that your dogs may not be getting all the exercise or attention they need, we offer affordable doggy day care. Daycare dogs go out to playgroup daily with our boarding dogs. The main difference is that with dog daycare, you don’t have to worry about medications, foods or bedding. Just reserve your spot, then come for the day to play!

At DogBoy’s, dogs get to socialize and play with other dogs in our 24 large, fenced-in play areas.

Drop them off on your way to work and pick them up on your way home. After a long day you can relax with a dog who is as pooped as you are! The next day, you can return to work with comfort, knowing that your pup will be too tired to ransack the house while you’re gone. Find out more about being safe during group play with other dogs by downloading our article below.