Color Card Policy

Color Card PolicyWhat do the card colors mean?

All dogs that come to DogBoy’s Dog Ranch are evaluated at their first visit to determine their compatibility with other dogs. Upon arrival, they are assigned a yellow card so we know they are new and are in need of an evaluation.

Once evaluated, each dog is assigned a card color to assist with the playgroup-building process. The card color assignment is a generalization of overall dog behavior and there are exceptions.

Given to daycare and boarding dogs that are new to DogBoy’s and are being evaluated during their first visit. We limit evaluations to 3 dogs per weekday.

Given to dogs that are great in playgroup with most other dogs, and adapt well to our high energy environment. As long as we have availability, Green Card dogs are welcome.

Given to dogs that may require a little bit more management while in our care (in regards to human or dog issues). Orange card dogs can usually still be placed in playgroup, but these groups may have fewer dogs. We limit space to 6 Orange Card dogs per day. Owners of Orange Card dogs need to plan well in advance for boarding stays.

Given to dogs that our staff doesn’t trust unsupervised with other dogs in playgroup. Assignments include, but are not limited to, fence fighting, barrier biting, overt bullying of other dogs, and displays of aggression towards dogs and/or humans. Each red card dog requires extra attention and/or caution above and beyond the amount already given to the other dogs that board with us. We limit space to 3 Red Card dogs per day. Owners of Red Card dogs need to plan well in advance for boarding stays.

Given to dogs who are either puppies, seniors, or who have special needs due to medical issues, and need to be watched more carefully in the heat. This is an additional card color, and can be given to Green, Orange or Red Card dogs. Silver card dogs will be given additional rest time and additional indoor time for their health and safety.

Although orange and red card dogs are still allowed plenty of time outside and are given extra people time to account for any missed playtime opportunities with other dogs, our staff availability as well as playgroup areas are limited. This problem grows exponentially as the number of dogs on the property increases. In our efforts to maintain DogBoy’s as a safe and happy place for all our visitors and staff, we must limit the amount of yellow, orange and red card dogs who board with us.

Our staff has the responsibility to keep certain dogs out of playgroup, whether it is due to aggression issues, anxiety or for the dog’s best interest. Playgroup is a privilege, and any dog may be let out alone for any reason. Furthermore, playgroup is not always appropriate for every dog, and if it is determined that a dog is not a good fit for DogBoy’s, we have the right to refuse service in the future.