Board & Train – Dog Training in a Trainer’s Home

dogs laying calmly together

Board and Train is a goal oriented and immersive training experience designed to jump start your training goals. Your dog will live in the home of one of our certified professional dog trainers for around the clock care and training. A consultation with your trainer is required prior to scheduling a Board and Train stay for your dog. (At this time, initial consultations will be remote and can take place by phone or Zoom.) During the consultation, you and your trainer will discuss and set specific training goals, and your trainer will prescribe a Board and Train package.  Board and Train programs may not be appropriate for every dog or situation. Your trainer will help you determine the best training option for you during the consultation.  

The minimum Board and Train stay is one week, and the total length of stay will be determined by you and your trainer.  Each Board and Train package includes pick up, drop off, and a 60 to 90-minute transfer session at the time your trainer brings your dog home, a $195 value.  For every two weeks of Board and Train you will receive an additional follow-up session, a $130 value, to be scheduled weekly after your dog comes home. Transfer and follow-up sessions are critical to your dog’s continued success after he or she arrives home from Board and Train.  

Common Questions 

Can I check on my dog’s progress during his or her Board and Train?

We want you to stay connected to your dog when he or she is away from you!  Our trainers will provide you with photos and 2 video updates weekly during your dog’s Board and Train.  You are also welcome to reach out to your trainer by phone or by text message during business hours throughout your dog’s Board and Train stay.  If you have an emergency, please reach out to your trainer at any time during your dog’s stay. 

What should I send with my dog for his or her Board and Train?

Please send your dog with enough food to last the length of his or her stay, one bag of training treats per week of Board and Train, and long-lasting chew items such as bully sticks.  You can also send other items from home that may help your dog settle into your trainers home such as a bed or favorite toys. Send dog beds, toys, or scent items such as t-shirts at your own risk.  If your dog chews or tears these items up we are not responsible for replacing them. Our trainers will provide frozen stuffed Kongs.

Will my dog spend time in a kennel during his or her Board and Train?

Yes.  Board and Train dogs live in our trainers’ homes during their stays and will need to already know how to relax in a kennel.  Dogs will kennel overnight and take rest breaks with enrichment items during the day between training, exercise, and play sessions.  Dogs who experience kennel anxiety may not be appropriate for a Board and Train.  

Pricing: $1,050 per week 

At this time, initial consultations will be remote and can take place by phone or Zoom.