Tweets from 2010-07-18

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  Come to "Charity Dog Wash" Saturday, July 24 from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Treat your dog to a spa day on Saturday,... #   Come to "Charity Dog Wash" Saturday, July 24 from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Treat your dog to a spa day on Saturday,... #      

Tweets from 2010-06-27

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  Watching the sun rise with client Benson Kieson — at Rocking B Stables #   Photo: Benson is my new buddy! — at Rocking B Stables #   Charlie in Charm School today! Barbie Jeep + Kid = ULTIMATE PUPPY SOCIALIZATION!!! #   Hangin' with my peeps! — at DogBoy's Dog [...]

Tweets from 2010-06-20

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  Maty is resting so peacefully after her massage today. #   It's a good day for swimming in the pond! #   Pasha wants someone to chase her but Conan's too busy cooling off pond. #   I liked a YouTube video -- DogBoy's Dog Ranch #   I favorited [...]

Tweets from 2010-06-13

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  You want GREEN?! DogBoy's new solar panels made 1996 KWH in April/May and (this is the good stuff) we only used 1112. #   Sadie Gibbons was an angel while Rebecca and Kelly worked on dog-to-dog pass-bys today at Charm School! #   Sadie was an angel today at Charm School! [...]

Tweets from 2010-05-30

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  Chelsea gets some "Me Time" while being evaluated with her sibling Lance. Thanks for the reminder of how much I... #   just joined FourSquare. It's pretty cool! Who wants to be the Mayor of DogBoy's? #   Petting Puppies! — at DogBoy's Dog Ranch #   Photo: — at DogBoy's [...]

Tweets from 2010-05-23

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  is mentioned once again in the ABJ! Yeehaw! #   Charlie Bear's 1st day at Chelsea's Charm School! #   Charlie's 2nd day at Chelsea's Charm School and he rocked today!! He's also a student in Marcella's Thursday night... #      

Tweets from 2010-05-16

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  Dylan is our 1st training daycare client! #   Jack posing for the camera! #   Bob and his soulful eyes #   "Did you just meow at me?!" #   Tune in to Fox 7 (Good Day Austin) Wednesday at 7:45am to see DogGirl talk about our new Training [...]